Today, Google Maps has been very beneficial in any business industry. It serves as a channel for clients and business companies to meet. It provides the maps & street views of the business location and directions when the clients try to search them.

You can explore the world by viewing maps like Google Maps with Street View. It enables you to explore the world your own way. You can use Google Maps in various ways e.g., to find out locations, to get traveling information, to know more about destinations, or to locate someplace. The Google street view / 360-degree view allowed you to observe the location even before you are actually there and we can do exactly the same for interior 360 view such as restaurant, hotel, shopping mall, etc…

Google Street View - Indoor 360 virtual tour

You may use Google street view to view street-level photographs (select cities), take virtual walks; pan, rotate and zoom, explore cityscapes, landmarks, points of interest, find shops, restaurants, parks, hotels, and more. You can rotate the image around for a full 360-degree experience. Finally, use the provided arrows on the picture to begin your virtual stroll down the place you want to visit outdoor or indoor.

Create Your Virtual Tour

Virtual tour applications are a perfect way to showcase your shop, restaurant, hotel, or showroom.

You can embed the Google Street View into your website and stand out from the rest of your competitors by providing audiences a virtually ‘travel’ along various routes, indoor design & showcase, and being able to pan around and zoom in and out at each stage.

Having a virtual tour application on your website is being an excellent way of ‘putting the viewer in the picture’. Find out more about how we can assist you in implementing the virtual tour into your website today!

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