12 Reasons Why SEO Is Critical For Your Business

12 Reasons Why SEO Is Critical For Your Business

SEO is vital for improved searchability and visibility, but it also offers additional advantages. Here are 12 reasons why a business’s brand need SEO to grow. Many companies and firms are conscious (or feel they are aware) of the value of SEO for their digital assets, as well as the advantages of getting SEO work […]

SEO Malaysia : SEO Guide 2019

SEO Power-Up Guide 2019

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day on average. There are around 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Stepping into the year 2019. There is something you can’t ignore if you want to thrive in this ever competitive searches environment. Let’s get your website boost up and start making meaningful traffic and translate it […]

Successful SEO Campaign & Strategies in 2018

Successful SEO Campaign & Strategies in 2018

We are talking about what to be focus in 2018 for SEO today. Before we dig further into today’s topic, i would like thanks years 2017 for the challenges i faced, it definitely make me stronger ! “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” am i right? Mobile First in 2016 – 2017 we knew […]

Why you need a website

8 Benefits Of Having A Website For Business

We all knew that website is one of the most important “Tools” for the business today ! But what does it mean by having a website for business? And here we are breaking it down into 8 benefits of having a website for business which is : Online Presence 24/7 Gain Credibility & Authority Market […]

7 Old School SEO Methods That Works

7 Old School SEO Methods that works ! Fundamental of SEO

How are you? Hope you’re doing great ! Let’s talk about the old school SEO methods that still works today. SEO is still one of the most renowned digital marketing methods nowadays. But as the Google algorithm evolved along the way, SEO techniques also keep changing for good.SEO technique in early day is just keywords […]

Best Online Marketing Strategy

What is The Best Online Marketing Strategy?

It is very often i heard people say that they wanted to do SEO for their website, they wanted to do PPC for their Campaign , they wanted to go viral with social media. There’s so many ways to promote your stuff in the digital world, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video marketing, Email … and […]

Impact of Mobile friendly website to SEO

The Impact of Mobile Friendly Website to SERP

Hello guys !!! In my previous post, i talked about the impact of Google’s decision on removing the sidebar ads. And today i’m going to touch on the impact of mobile friendly website to Search engine result page (SERP). STORY TIMES !  Earlier in year 2015 Google started to detect the website mobile friendliness. There is […]