Google Removed Sidebar Ads

Hello guys! This is my very 1st blog post in Dreamit Real Solutions ! I’m sure there’s lot more of great articles on SEM / SEO will come out in the near future ! Let’s talk about the stunning  google decision on remove the sidebar ads on the right hand side back in February 2016.

Google Remove Sidebar Ads

As you can see the right hand side is pretty empty and there is 4 paid ads compare to 3 previously. You probably going to ask, what is the impact on both organic & paid search? Continue reading …i will explain further.


User is going to scroll further down for the organic results since there is an additional paid search added into the SERP, As we all knew you will get lesser click as you listed further down. Imagine, there is information graph ,images result and In the news section ( AMP in mobile version ) somewhere in the search result. Yes !  That’s means the organic result will be squeeze even further. 


There must be some reasons for google to take such a move. 1st of all the right hand side ad click through rate is not as convincing as the main result area. It is understandable to be removed. The real hit is

There is 4 paid ads in top of SERP instead of 3. Since there is no more ad in the right sidebar, it will be extremely competitive for the top 4 spots.

You will probably need to pay more to get into the top 4 spot. And finally …


As the competitiveness in the paid ad increased, you will need to pay more and create more quality ad to get into top 4. For those who is not afford or not going to use adwords for sure they are going to aim for organic search result in long term. But you got to be rank REALLY WELL in organic search. Because people won’t usually scroll down further. And now there is even more adwords listing on top of SERP. Having said that. In the end the organic search will be getting more competitive as well. 


In term of user experience I expect it will be a big leap forward . Because both paid and organic search result will be fill with some really good quality and high relevant contents.


Regardless you are aimed for paid search result or organic search result. You should have a series of good strategies & planning and of course quality & relevance contents !

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