7 Old School SEO Methods That Works

How are you? Hope you’re doing great ! Let’s talk about the old school SEO methods that still works today. SEO is still one of the most renowned digital marketing methods nowadays. But as the Google algorithm evolved along the way, SEO techniques also keep changing for good.SEO technique in early day is just keywords stuffing,  it is virtually everywhere from the title tag, meta description, meta keyword to the website content. And of course the backlink ! Maybe there’s plenty of people out there won’t be agree with me, but for me, the old school SEO method is still somewhat the fundamental of SEO. Why I said so ? Continue reading… Take it for example, we are all still using the title tag for SEO nowadays because it is simply one of the most important google rank factors. But the way we write the title tag must be up to the date. For example …

Old school way

“Seo specialist | best seo consultancy | top seo agency | best seo consultant country name | seo specialist in areaname “

What it should be nowadays

“Dreamit SEO consultancy – Effective seo that works & improve your ranking”

Of course that was just an example because we should be even more precise on the title tag by doing keyword research, targeting and more proper planning. What I want to say is, old school SEO method is still pretty much working but with proper implementation. What are those old school methods still works nowadays


1. Title Tag

As what I mentioned above, we are no longer keyword stuffing in the title tag. The title tag must be something highly related to your page and don’t be forget we can only have around 60 characters.

There’s many ways to utilize this 60 character, some even found that add-on the power words such as “Best offer”, “Greatest”, “Top”, “Most”, “Visit Now” can have a positive effect on click through rate. So use this 60 character wisely.

2. Meta Description Tag

As usual, we are not encouraging you to do keyword stuffing. You can elaborate more base on your title tag. Suggested the exact phrases of keyword or similar/synonym keyword can be appear once or twice here with a proper and meaningful sentence.

3. H1,H2, H3 tag

H1 tag Is still playing an important role in the world of SEO. But the use of an H tag must be inline with web page content. People used to abuse H tag with the keyword,  but don’t do this please. H tag is for the title of the page content, or some breakdown title of the contents.

4. Keyword in the content

Exact match keyword can appear once or twice in the webpage content, synonym keyword or highly similar keyword can appear once or twice also . And you got to take the H tag in the count as the part of webpage content. Nowadays, unique and readability of the content is become far more important than ever.

5. Alt tag

This is the tag for the images in your website, a relevant short description to the images will absolutely help to improve your website visibility to search engine. Of course, you don’t want to forget to inline this method with the naming with your images.

6. Backlink

One of the most mentioned methods in the world of SEO. Yes, it is definitely working,  but just do it naturally or at least make it looks natural. You just can’t have hundreds or thousands of irrelevant backlinks overnight.

7. Pagespeeds

I’m not sure is this consider as an old school method or not, but i do aware of this since 10 years ago. I think the pagespeed of the a webpage getting more and more important for SEO because it was interrelated with other rank factor, for example :

  • A heavy webpage will result in a longer loading time >
  • Longer loading time is not good for user experience >
  • Longer loading time might cause the user leave your website before it fully loaded >
  • Eventually causing the high bounce rate.

How to improve it ?

  • Optimize your css, js and html code
  • Optimize your image size
  • Good respond time server.

This is the 7 old school SEO methods that is still working ! Let me know if you got any ideas, opinions or even disagreement on this. 

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