Our SEO Packages / SEO Plans

+5 Professional

RM5,999 / annum
  • 5 Keywords Optimization
  • SEO Friendly Website Structure
  • Website Tags
  • ON-page SEO
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Link Building
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • SEO Packages Malaysia - crossed Local Citation Sites Listing
  • SEO Packages Malaysia - crossed 1 x FREE Short Infographic Video
  • SEO Packages Malaysia - crossed FREE Google Adwords Placement (RM300)

+15 Professional

RM10,999 / annum
  • 15 Keywords Optimization
  • SEO Friendly Website Structure
  • Website Tags
  • ON-page SEO
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Link Building
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Local Citation Sites Listing
  • 2 x FREE Short Infographic Video
  • FREE Google Adwords Placement (RM600)

Why Choose Our SEO Packages​

In Dreamit Real Solutions every client is unique and special. We understand that Malaysian businesses come in all different shapes and sizes.

Every business has a different set of goals and objectives and how they run it on daily basis.

We work closely with our client and trying to understand the need to diversify their digital marketing strategies and offering several online marketing solutions such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Google AdWordsSocial Media Marketing, and Video Marketing.

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Search engine optimization organic search

In-Depth SEO Analysis

We run in-depth checking to assess the weaknesses and strengths of your website and are constantly searching for the best digital marketing strategies.

We have customized our SEO services for efficiency by offering specialized services according to your needs.

Take some time to read about our different SEO packages to see and decide which one best suits your current online marketing needs.

Guaranteed White Hat SEO Techniques Applies

As a reputable SEO company in Malaysia, we ensure the white hat SEO methods applied to our client’s website.

White hat SEO methods that work around the Google Webmaster Guidelines will ensure your website won’t be penalized or blacklisted by Google and all major search engine.

Furthermore, the SEO results will much likely stay on the search engines for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Question



Your core keywords will be 5, 10, or 15 depend on your selected SEO packages. That’s for sure we will focus on optimizing the 10 core keywords.
Though we do not guarantee, however, the combination of keywords will possibly rank well too in Google. For example …
You subscribed to the +10 Professional SEO package,
You want to rank for keywords such as “SEO packages Malaysia”, “SEO Consultant Malaysia”, “SEO plans in Malaysia”, “Best SEO solutions Malaysia” and so on….

The combination keywords that might rank well are such as :

“SEO packages Malaysia” + “SEO Plans in Malaysia” = “Malaysia SEO packages & Plans”

“Best SEO solutions Malaysia” + “SEO packages Malaysia” = “SEO solutions packages in Malaysia”

How to Select SEO Packages in Malaysia ?​

Several factors come into consideration when selecting the SEO Package in Malaysia.

Of course, each package comes with a different number of keywords to optimize and different pricing and is all depending on the amount of work involved as well as your requirements.

We will ensure to target the right keywords and right audiences for your website. Invest in the right keywords and targeting the right audiences is the key to your business expansion.

Contact us today for a free SEO evaluation and consultation. We listen to your goals, review your website and analyze your competition and give you our honest option and what you can expect from our SEO packages!

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