Successful SEO Campaign & Strategies in 2018

We are talking about what to be focus in 2018 for SEO today. Before we dig further into today’s topic, i would like thanks years 2017 for the challenges i faced, it definitely make me stronger ! “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger” am i right?

Mobile First

in 2016 – 2017 we knew that the mobile traffics is already surpass the traffics from desktop /pc , and recently Google announced that the “Mobile first” indexing , which is giving the mobile friendly website an additional advantage in terms of indexing and ranking.

Ask yourself, what do you prefer when browsing through a smartphone? A well design and perfectly screen fitting view? Or a traditional website that require you to enlarge the content while reading? The answer is obvious .

CTR & Bounce Rate

Click Through Rate & Bounce Rate

We all knew that the CTR ( Click Through Rate ) and Bounce rate is something Google will take into consideration when come to determine your website ranking. Great piece of content is a must ! BUT… here is the thing. 1st you need to attract people to click into your website before they realize it is the content they are looking for. Which is Click Through Rate (CTR). CTR, content & bounce rate is 3 things that co-exist and supporting each other in getting a good ranking. I will further go through the CTR & Bounce rate on this topic:

1) Click Through Rate ( CTR ) – To improve your CTR, you cannot simply just put your desired keywords into the Title tag anymore instead you should make it simple and meaningful. Add-on the Power words or the number into your Title tag such as “Best …” , “Top….” , “Powerful…..”, “Free…”, “Offers….”, “…Now”, “7 tips….”, “2018…”, “9 ways to…”, “No.1 ….” , “…Act now”, “Find out more…”

With these kind of power word / magnet word, it will be more eyes catching compare to the normal title tag. These kind of wording will instill the curiosity to the searcher and it is working.

2) Bounce Rate – To improve the bouncing rate, we must take user experience into our mind during the web development. What does it mean? Your website have to be user friendly, easy to read both in pc and mobile, easy to understand, good in website speed and etc… all these will contribute to have a lower bounce rate in your website.

As you take the “User First” seriously, Google will take your website serious as well. Knowing that Google is working towards the good user first experiences,  in another words Google will make sure the website is : relevant in content, easy reading layout, mobile friendly, loading speed. Be inline with what user prefer and ultimately reduce the bounce rate.

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