Best Online Marketing Strategy

It is very often i heard people say that they wanted to do SEO for their website, they wanted to do PPC for their Campaign , they wanted to go viral with social media. There’s so many ways to promote your stuff in the digital world, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Video marketing, Email … and many more we not even heard about it before. But what are the best online marketing strategies, for you?

Back to the Origin !

before we go into the details about this topic, I would like to go back to the origin, the initial motives, the ultimate goal make you want to promote your stuff online. Most of all we wanted to increase the sales, create branding awareness & public communication through our online campaign.


SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email …. is all just the tools. And i will strongly recommend you to always take a step back and look into your original goal, don’t limit yourself to any of these online marketing “TOOLS”

Keep Reading…

1st of all, you got to understand yourself, understand your products, understand your services or your promotion campaign. Then, you got to think of how to achieve your goal, which methods can help you in the most effective ways.

For example:

You got an event/show which is going to run in the next few weeks suddenly ,and you are weighing up your online marketing options. SEO might take longer time to achieve its result, it is time consuming to come out the storyboard and script, to find the actors, to shooting for video marketing.


social media ads sound great ! And PPC definitely yes ! As you can see, the best online strategy, it is definitely based on your situations.

Tracking Your Online Strategy Result

As i always said, the best online marketing strategies is the one suit you the most . Suggested you track every marketing strategy’s result, because, you will get a better insight and a bigger picture on your campaign. Some might surprise by the result of their campaign,as you will find out the thing “I think it will work well” is not working , instead you will surprise by something else is working really well . No matter you are using PPC, Email, Social Media Ads, SEO, Video Marketing… there must be a way to track your traffic. And those traffic is actually a hidden treasure ! By analyzing your traffic you will get more insight, thus you can plan your marketing strategies base on those data, whether you should concentrate & improve on a particular part of strategy, adjust & twist the original strategy or even come out a brand new strategy.

Remember !!

Make the most out of your tracking data !

Conclusion : Get back to your original goal again !

Refer back to your goal from time to time is very important, it will make sure you will keep moving forward toward your goal. And try to be innovative in your online marketing strategies, there are endless possibilities out there, a little inspiration can bring you a huge success . And of course ! do it consistently !

Again ! if you ask me what is the best online marketing strategy ? i will answer you ” There’s no best online strategy” ( i think i will probably get punch by you) But yeah ! there is no best online strategy but there must be an online strategy that suit you the most.

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