Impact of Mobile friendly website to SEO

Hello guys !!! In my previous post, i talked about the impact of Google’s decision on removing the sidebar ads. And today i’m going to touch on the impact of mobile friendly website to Search engine result page (SERP).


Earlier in year 2015 Google started to detect the website mobile friendliness. There is words “Mobile Friendly” in front of some search result in mobile SERP (check the picture below)

Mobile Friendly in SERP of Mobile Devices

BUT there’s no such wording in the desktop version of Google.

*(Updated – “Mobile Friendly” wording seems like removed by Google)

Have you wondered why? 

This is probably Google taking the user experiences more serious than ever ! People search google in mobile device and they usually get frustrated when they need to adjust the screen size of the web page every time.

Just imagine ! When you perform a search in mobile device and most of the results is mobile friendly, for sure you will be happier than the guy who always need to adjust the screen size to fit to the mobile screen. It is surely enhanced the user friendliness ! And finally the bouncing rate for mobile friendly website is also lower than non-mobile friendly website.

Therefor, Google’s decision to categorize the search result into Mobile Friendly & non mobile friendly in mobile devices is most welcome, especially to those mobile users.

Quick overview of Mobile Friendly Website VS Non Mobile Friendly Website

Google Search Result in Mobile Devices

1st of all they will make sure the mobile friendly website get better ranking in SERP than non mobile friendly website. Reason? Simple! Google always wanted to improve the user experience for its user. 2nd, the little words “mobile friendly” will make it clear to the user what kind of website they are about to visit.

* (Updates – Now the wording is removed, there is no more reminder )

Google Search Result in Desktop

Basically, it will have some differences if you search the same keyword over mobile devices and desktop.  I’m trying to compare the search result of keyword “Online Bookstore” in both desktop & mobile version SERP

Desktop and Mobile SERP Comparison

This is interesting !!! 

There is 8 out of 10 results in mobile SERP is mobile friendly website. And let us analyze more ..


  • (Not Mobile Friendly) : drop from position 4 in desktop SERP to position 5 in Mobile SERP
  • Liberty University Online (Not Mobile Friendly) : drop from position 5 in desktop SERP to position 10 in mobile SERP
  • (Not Mobile Friendly) : drop from position 7 in desktop SERP to position 9 in Mobile SERP
  • (Not Mobile Friendly) : drop from position 9 in desktop SERP to 11 position in mobile SERP


  • (Mobile Friendly) : Rise from position 6 in desktop SERP to position 4 in mobile SERP
  • (Mobile Friendly) : Rise from position 8 in desktop SERP to position 7 in mobile SERP
  • (Mobile Friendly) : Rise from position 10 in desktop SERP to position 6 in mobile SERP
  • (Mobile Friendly) : Rise from position 14 from 2nd page to to position 8 in mobile SERP


Swap position 2 and 3 in both Desktop version & Mobile version of SERP. I’m not too sure why, both are mobile friendly website, probably one is much user friendlier than another in mobile? Or one is better click through rate in mobile SERP? Just let me know if you know the reasons why, leave me a comment or private message me. I will be very happy if you do that.


From the analysis above, you probably have some idea how mobile friendly will impact the search result. The ranking of non mobile friendly website in mobile SERP is dropping, Meanwhile the rank position of mobile friendly website is all improved in mobile SERP ! Google confirmed that mobile searches surpass desktop searches for the first time in the year 2015. The trends still continue ! I heard people talking about the Mobile SEO, for me it is still the same ! As long as you optimize your website( mobile friendly / responsive ) properly, it will strive both in desktop & mobile SERP.

Check the picture below !

Google Warning - Your Page is Not Mobile Friendly

If you login to Google and Googling your website in SERP, you will find something interesting ! Google detect the owner of the website and send them a warning !

It’s like Google telling you that “Dude ! You better watch out ! your page is not mobile friendly ! “ . I will talk about this another days in details. Stay Tune !

A mobile friendly website will surely bring you the positive impact on the search result. On the other hand your website will struggle & fall behind in terms of mobile user experiences & mobile traffics if you do not implement mobile friendliness into it.

The online search environment is changing & improve rapidly than ever. Don’t wait until it is too late. I bet you don’t want to lose your potential website traffics! So, Just develop a mobile friendly / responsive website.

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